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Tip: Your website should look beautiful on any size screen.

Does Yours?

What We Offer

client cloud

We can collaborate on projects, share folders, and keep all of your information available to you at any time. You get updates in real time any time. This way you can be as “hands on” or hands-off as you like, giving you the peace of mind that you always have the option to concentrate on other aspects of running your business while your online presence is getting the attention it needs. Plus the ability to jump right in at any time to take control when you see fit.

get social

By integrating Social Media into your every day business practices you can see the multiple benefits that can be achieved. We can set you up by creating social media profiles, pages, groups, etc… and gaining a fan base that actually wants to look at your stuff. Not a bunch of paid followers, likes, or tweets. Those don’t work anyway and if they do they’re very short-lived and actually penalized. Cutting corners doesn’t work online either. Not in the long run. Let Supdog Marketing help create you a positive online presence.

client club

Get on our email subscriber list and we’ll send you some quick and actionable tips, industry best practices, and include some revenue boosters you can apply today. We promise not to bombard you with junk and we never, ever share your information. Just add your first name and email to the form below and we’ll only send you valuable, business-building emails. (and not too many of them)

Why Choose Us?

Get Your Business Found On The Web When It Matters
Trying to figure out how to use Social Media, ways to follow-up with customers, and how to generate new business from your website and the internet?  You’re not alone!  Many owners and managers of successful businesses face these kinds of challenges every day…  But while this problem may be common, failure to resolve it can lead to much BIGGER problems for your business down the road.  Call to speak to us about some options you have to get your name out there and found when it counts.
Local Business, Local Customers
We are a small business and know what it’s like to do business in a community. We are local but you don\’t have to be, in other words we will find your local customers if that is where most of your business comes from.
Responsive Design
It’s important to keep you customers in mind that may find your business by using their mobile phones and tablets.  Using what’s called a “Responsive” website design allows your customers to view your website in a visually pleasing way on any device with any size screen. Go ahead change the size of our website and see what I mean.

What everyone says?

  • Kevin is one of the “good guys” who’s high level of real world business knowledge and experience is an asset to any organization that uses his services.

    Kevin is a top level sales man and ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for helping business's grow and thrive. This inherent passion is only exceeded by his commitment to his family. Kevin is one of the "good guys" who's high level of real world business knowledge and experience is an asset to any organization that uses his services.

    Perry C. Tatooles - Director of External Sales/Corporate Training at Transnational Bankcard LLC.
  • Quality Business Ethics

    Kevin is a quality individual with quality business ethics. Our business relationship has evolved into a friendship. I would definitely recommend Kevin's service and have many, many times.

    Ray Kincaid Owner and CEO at Chicago Outlaws Lacrosse Club
  • A Marketing Strategic Advantage

    Kevin’s ability to seamlessly connect with people and put them at ease is a sales and marketing strategic advantage. He is contagiously positive and manages obstacles as opportunities for advancement. Kevin is a natural visionary. He makes connections that most professionals miss, and navigates through organizations with ease to make the “sale.” It’s an honor and privilege to have Kevin as a colleague, and someone that I call, friend.

    Brenda Brinson - Organizational Effectiveness Executive, Talent Managementat USAA
  • If you ever have the opportunity to work with Kevin or be a client of his at anytime, I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin

    Kevin is a hard working motivated individual. I know Kevin to be laser focused on his goals and dreams and more than willing to go the extra mile to attain his goals. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on numerous projects. It was not only pleasure but an honor to work with such a great guy. Kevin has integrity in his business dealings as well as his personal life. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Kevin or be a client of his at anytime, I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin.

    Todd Allen - Independent Distributor at LifeVantage
  • Kevin is a Tremendous Leader here at Biz

    Kevin is a tremendous Leader here at Biz. He is building a huge organization across the country. Anyone who is looking to become part of Kevins Team has a great Leader to follow. I recommend Kevin and his work to any and everyone.

    Sly Corley - International Coffee Distribution Exec.
  • Solutions uniquely tailored to his clients’ business needs.

    Kevin has a unique breadth and depth of understanding of web optimization tools, social media, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. He balances his approachable disposition and excellent listening skills with creativity, entrepreneurship, and solutions uniquely tailored to his clients' business needs. Kevin will be an invaluable asset to any organization or client fortunate enough to engage him.

    James Ide